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GSE Leadership Values Toolkit

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The GSE Leadership Values Toolkit is designed to equip aspiring leaders in the fields of science and engineering with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools required to excel in leadership roles. Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your leadership capabilities or at the early stages of your career, this toolkit will help you to develop into a more effective leader.  

In this toolkit, you will find full explanations of each GSE Leadership Value, emphasising on reflective practice and self-assessment questions to identify and plan your development needs. The toolkit also identifies three points to help you consider your personal approach and leadership behaviour:   

1. Personal checks and balances 

We are all from diverse professional and personal backgrounds and at different stages of our leadership journey. To be an impactful leader requires a better understanding of our conscious and unconscious biases to overcome any barriers we may face.  

Maintaining a personal system of checks and balances will allow you to reflect on your actions, ensuring that your decisions and interactions align with our values. 

2. GSE leadership values are intrinsically interlinked 

It’s important to understand that inclusivity nurtures a collaborative approach. This in turn enhances the quality of decisions made, all the while upholding the ethical standards embodied within the integrity value, thereby interlinking various leadership values. 

3. Conscious commitment 

Your conscious commitment to develop a set of actions is essential to change your behaviour and leadership approach. By using these values, it will help you understand how to create a culture of support and innovation, therefore becoming an empowering leader in the Science and Engineering Profession.  

We hope you find this toolkit helpful in your GSE leadership development journey.  

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