GSE Champions: Guidance

Government Science and Engineering (GSE) is a profession made up of over 10, 000 Civil Servants, and open to Crown and Public Servants, with a background or an interest in science and engineering, who work in a range of specialist, deep specialist, policy, analytical and operational roles. The GSE Champions network promotes and supports the work of the GSE profession, acting as the main link between the GSE team and the wider GSE profession.

What’s the purpose of being a GSE Champion?

A GSE champion is an advocate for the GSE profession. You will seek opportunities to raise its profile and improve its outreach within your department, across the Civil Service and to the public.

How much time will I need to dedicate to it?

It’s a flexible role so you can decide how much time to allocate to it according to your other commitments. As a GSE champion, it is important that you are visible and contactable to current and prospective members of GSE within your department.

Who can be a GSE Champion?

Any registered member of the Government Science and Engineering profession, of any grade, with an interest in science and engineering, who is enthusiastic about raising the profile of and improving the outreach of the GSE profession. To become a member of the profession you must register via this survey.

What will I be expected to do?

  • Contacting your departmental Head of Science &Engineering Profession (HoSEP).  We can provide you with details of your HoSEP, if required.
  • Supporting your HoSEP with GSE activities as required.
  • Organising and supporting GSE networking events.
  • Building a network of GSE members within your department, working with your departmental HoSEP as appropriate.
  • Developing new ideas and creating solutions to support the implementation of the GSE strategy.
  • Engaging in STEM outreach activities as required.
  • Act as a key, two-way communication channel between the departmental GSE network and the GSE team by:
    • Sourcing or writing relevant and engaging blog posts from your department.
    • Collecting information about relevant news, events, and learning and development opportunities within your department for sharing on the GSE blog.
    • Ensuring that the latest information about GSE is cascaded within your department via your intranet and other social media.

What’s in it for me?

Make a corporate contribution with the potential to impact across government. And contribute towards your 5 days a year for learning and development, and your 3 days a year volunteering allowance.

  • Building capability for all: Develop your ability to build networks across your department and the Civil Service, including your capacity to develop relationships and work collaboratively
  • Collaborating and Partnering: Be a more effective government scientist or engineer demonstrating commitment to the profession by displaying leadership and/or support, and by building a network of scientists and engineers with whom you share knowledge and expertise
  • Seeing the Big Picture: Increase your understanding of the role of science and engineering in government and how it links with industry and academia
  • Leading and Communicating: Be part of a team responsible for raising the profile of science and engineering in government

What support will I get from the GSE team?

The GSE team will provide updates on GSE profession developments and information ahead of time on upcoming events and communications. There will be an ongoing open channel of conversation with the GSE team.

What next?

First talk to your line manager about becoming a Champion, then contact the GSE team to sign up!