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The GSE Story: the story of scientists engineers in government

The Government Science and Engineering (GSE) Story is a visual showcase of the important role that government scientists and engineers have played across the centuries.

It includes examples of innovation and collaboration, and outlines how work undertaken by government scientists and engineers has an enduring global impact in areas such as poverty, disease, climate change, crime and counter-terrorism.

To view the presentation images, click on the arrows below the presentation embedded above. To read the full narrative alongside the presentation, you can download the full PowerPoint presentation by selecting the 'in' icon on the bar below the embedded presentation images. This will take you to the SlideShare website. You can also share the presentation, by selecting the curved arrow icon on the bar below the embedded presentation (or bottom left of the bar if the icon is not showing). Alternatively, if you cannot access the PowerPoint presentation through the SlideShare website, you can download and share this PDF of the GSE Story.

The story is a tool for GSE to use and discover. We encourage you to read it with colleagues, share it within your department and beyond. You could:

  • Lead a departmental workshop, drawing on the examples that your organisation has contributed to the story
  • Share the story with new starters to introduce them to the rich history of GSE

We're interested to hear how you use the story, and to learn of any new examples of great government science and engineering work, so please do get in touch: