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About Government Science and Engineering

The Government Science and Engineering (GSE) profession is over 10,000 civil servants with a background or interest in science and engineering who work in a range of deep specialist, specialist, policy, analytical and operational roles. Public and crown servants are also welcome in the GSE profession. You can find out more about GSE on our website.

We are GSE

As a profession, we have a problem of perception. When people think of government scientists and engineers, they still tend to think of men and women working in lab coats and hard hats far from the centres of power. We know our work involves much more, with people in the field and at the top levels of government, not only researching and innovating but collaborating with policy officials and advising ministers.

At the same time, we need to tackle the communications challenge of galvanising a diverse group that is a single profession in name only, consisting of probably over a hundred distinct science, engineering and technology disciplines.

To tackle these communication issues, we decided to make a short video animation “We are GSE”, which builds on the success of the GSE Story.  It illustrates how the work of scientists and engineers in government succeeds in achieving global impact.  We hope that it will help to improve people’s understanding of who we are and what we do.