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GSE Opportunities: STEM ambassador training & cross-government vacancies

STEM Ambassador training session, 5th December 2018, London

Would you like to become a trained Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) ambassador? If so, the GSE team are running a training session so that you can offer your time and enthusiasm to help bring STEM subjects to life and to encourage further study in STEM areas.

As STEM Ambassadors, you can use your Civil Service volunteering leave to support and encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers, particularly from under-represented groups in your home area. The activities you can get involved in include careers talks & events, to supporting lessons and developing science based activities.

For more information and to sign up, contact the GSE team:

Vacancy: Defence Industrial Policy Adviser (SEO), Ministry of Defence (MoD)

The Ministry of Defence is looking for a resilient individual with strong interpersonal skills, wanting to develop policy, to join the Security Policy and Operations (Sec Pol Ops) and work at the very centre of Defence policy.

As part of Sec Pol Ops, the Directorate of Economic Security and Prosperity leads on the policy development and delivery to ‘’Promote Our Prosperity’’ across Government. This is achieved through the development of prosperity and industrial policy; support to strategic exports; and by encouraging international investment.

You will be responsible for designing and delivering the policy framework to stimulate a thriving, sustainable, innovative and internationally-focused UK defence sector. You will work widely within MoD, across Government and with industrial and international colleagues.

Further information and contact details for hiring manager are available on Civil Service Jobs 

Closing date: 30th November 2018

Vacancy: Behavioural Science Research Adviser (SEO), Department for Transport (DfT)

The Research, Analysis and Development Team in DfT is responsible for providing world-leading S&T advice to protect the transport network against terrorist threats.

The team is currently looking for a behavioural scientist to develop and lead a new portfolio of high impact work, working with partners across Government and around the world.

You will be required to work on a wide range of disciplines including chemistry, physics, engineering and psychology.

Further details are available on Civil Service Jobs 

 Closing Date: 3rd December

Vacancy: Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser (SCS1), Home Office (HO)

Home Office is advertising for a new post of Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser to directly support the CSA, John Aston, in carrying out his role.

As a post holder, you will deputise for the CSA as necessary, both leading and supporting on projects to ensure the best scientific advice is provided for the department.

Your work will cut across all areas of Home Office work, including emergency response to critical incidents. You will help ensure that scientific advice and evidence underpin the work of the Home Office, and provide Ministers with the scientific information necessary to inform key strategic decisions.

Further details available on Civil Service Jobs 

Closing date: 19th December 2018

Vacancy: Impact and Engagement Management – John Innes Centre, Norwich

From November 2018, the John Innes Centre (JIC) will lead a large, multidisciplinary project, in collaboration with nine UK institutions including DEFRA and the Scottish Government, focused on UK resilience to the bacterial plant pathogen, Xylella fastidiosa.

The JIC is seeking a research scientist with experience in research impact on policy and practice for a Impact and Engagement manager.

As a successful applicant, you will rely on the generation, analysis and communication of evidence underpinning future UK responses to this pathogen. To succeed you will depend on close engagement with stakeholders, including policy-makers, government agencies, industries and NGOs.

More information and how to apply on the JIC website.

Closing date: 12th December 2018

Featured photo by John Hartman, University of Kentucky.

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