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Enhancing Science and Engineering Capability: A Year of the GSE Awareness Courses

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As we approach the one-year anniversary of the GSE Awareness Level Courses, we reflect on the impact they’ve had in shaping science and engineering capability across government. Your feedback has been instrumental in improving these courses, and we’re excited to share the progress. You asked a number of questions and we have responded.

Understanding Science and Engineering in Devolved Governments 

You asked: “How does Science and Engineering work in devolved governments?” 

We did: 

  • We delved into the essential role of Science and Engineering within devolved government structures. 
  • Our spotlight on science and engineering teams across devolved governments highlights their impactful work. 
  • We explored collaborative efforts, research initiatives, and innovative solutions driven by these teams. 

Enhancing Policy Development through Government Engineers

You asked: “How can engineers support my policy advice area?” 

We did: 

  • We emphasised the pivotal role that engineers play across government departments. 
  • Introduced Chief Engineers and their Teams, showcasing their contributions to effective policy implementation. 
  • Real-world Collaborations: Through compelling video case studies, we showed successful collaborations between engineers and decision-makers. 
  • We explored how engineering expertise enhances policy development, implementation, and evaluation. 

Engaging Experts with Policymakers 

You asked: “As an expert, how can I contact policymakers?” 

We did: 

  • Practical Tips: We developed practical hints and tips for experts to effectively engage with policymakers. 
  • Direct Communication Strategies: Our outlined strategies to empower experts to share their expertise, knowledge, and research with decision-makers. 
  • Leading by Example: Collaborating with government teams, we demonstrated effective communication channels. 
  • Real-world Success Stories: We curated case studies showcasing successful interactions between experts and policy stakeholders. 

Find out more 

If you’re eager for updates, the GSE Awareness Courses are still available on Civil Service Learning and FutureLearn. Dive in and continue your journey towards enhancing science and engineering capability across government. 

Do you want to enhance science and engineering capability in your organisation? Become a GSE L&D Champion and share information about this and many more GSE Offers. Contact us through to become a GSE L&D Champion.   

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